Planted Cities, the future of natural living

Planted Cities presents a more sustainable vision of the future by showcasing existing design solutions capable of improving our tomorrow

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Planted Cities London

Planted is the first contemporary design event and digital forum aiming to reconnect spaces with nature. A platform with a clearly-defined mission, to build a positive environmental and societal change, effecting positive and lasting move in our industry and beyond.As humans we have an innate need to connect with nature, we need this connection to ensure our own wellbeing. But the truth is that most of the city dwellers spend 95% of their time indoors, growing up for generations in polluted concrete jungles that affect our physical and mental-health. Over the recent years, in the midst of a climate emergency and the unprecedented global situation, has become more evident how human beings can live more harmoniously with nature

Save the date for Planted Cities at King’s Cross, London 23 – 26 September 2021

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With that said, based on the principles of biophilic design, and in direct response to the global climate emergency, Planted Cities aims to explore how design, sustainability, food production, architecture and nature can work together to create cleaner, greener, healthier spaces. Helping to restore and regenerate nature in urban and rural settings. A platform that connect brands, businesses and people seeking to restore nature’s balance and turn the tide on climate change. Working only with partners who place nature and the environment at the heart of their business In the next Planted Cities event in London, the visitors will be able to to discover everything from inspiring nature-based installations, through leading sustainable furniture and lighting brands, to specialist plant nurseries, plant-based food and beauty products, innovative sustainable design solutions. As well as assist to a several forward-thinking environmental talks program.

«We cannot consume carbon forever. We need to find sustainable solutions to heat our homes, power our transport and move our economy forward». 

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Among this September exhibitors, we can find brands playing their part in reducing waste, respecting the environment and reconnecting with nature, such as: Baux, Benchmark, Naturalmat, Vestre, Out of the Valley, Nikari… Furthermore they are committed to being the first zero-waste design event where all by-products from the physical shows are either recycled, repurposed and/or reused.