Cécile Boccara’s Ethereal and Natural Jewellery, Handmade in Paris

Collaboration with Christian Lacroix

‘I like to imagine with my hands, making objects which make one dream’

These are the words of Cécile Boccara, who, in her Parisian atelier in le Passage du Grand Cerf, creates ethereal jewellery which really is enough to make one dream. Having spent her childhood in Marrakech, Boccara moved to Paris at the age of 20 to begin her studied at the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture. Here, she explored and experimented with design and pattern making, and went on to specialize in jewellery and accessories since 1997.

Inspired by airy, natural elements, her creations are reminiscent of flowers, birds, dragonflies, and drawings in the sand. The atelier uses a wide range of materials, from fine metals, to enamel, to sheer delicate fabric. The craftsmen and women of the atelier use ‘volume and lightness, movement and balance, in order to breathe a touch of soul into sheer fabric’. Some exquisite examples of this soulful movement are seen in the Poppy earrings and the Mia brooch. Both  inspired by floral delicacy, they come in many colourways and complement each other perfectly.

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Kimy Earrings

This delicacy is also translated into the fine metal pieces, with careful handcrafting allowing for intricate details and refined forms. Gold-plated pieces such as the Blé and Kimy earrings showcase the power of pure simplicity, creating a timeless yet contemporary set of earrings.

As well as natural inspirations, the jewellery is also influenced by the colours of Boccara’s childhood in Morocco. These colours are brought to the jewellery through the use of elegant enamel; the rich reds and yellows of the Thought brooch or the deep ultramarine of the Midnight brooch.

Colour is continued in the wide range of enamel earrings. With Baroque influences and inspirations from Meissen porcelain flowers, the Fressia earrings are composed of enamelled brass flowers of white and blue, black, or green, the colours playing together, elevating a look with a bit of joie de vivre.

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Celestine Tiara

Having worked with top designers and fashion houses, such as Givenchy, Valentino, and Christian Lacroix, haute-couture style is woven into Cécile Boccara’s pieces. This is especially seen in their bridal collections, which present headdresses and showpiece jewellery ranging from necklaces to hairpieces. The Celestine headdress, which comes with a matching ribbon and has earrings to match, creates poetry with wildflowers and greenery expressed through fine gilded gold and Swarovski rhinestones.

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