The Spirit of Summer Indoors: the new Ames Autumn Collections

Married with traditional Colombian craftsmanship, Ames’ autumn collections share abstract geometric pattern and colour with natural, sustainable materials. The collections, designed by the likes of Cristina Celestino, Pauline Deltour, Sebastian Herkner and Mae Engelgeer, are all hand produced in their ateliers in Colombia, created by local communities and their traditional practices. Here are a few of our favourite pieces.

AmesMuyska Rugs

Designed by Mae Engelgeer, these asymmetric, abstract rugs are a tribute to the Muisca people. The pre-hispanic civilisation were masterful weavers, creating language and emotion through their craft. Today, Ames have partnered with a small family atelier, in the region where the Muisca’s lived, who continue the tradition of artisan weaving. Using virgin wool and horizontal looms, each rug takes up to 8 days to produce, in order to create the eye-catching geometrics, and the overlapping stripes which create an illusion of fading colours.

The Muyska Rugs will be available from September.

ames dichas mood©amesgmbh 2 scaled e1626435451233Dichas Side Tables and Baskets

These simple steel frames, woven with recycled PVC plastics, offer a colourful alternative to storage. Their designer, Cristina Celestino, outlined her aim to create ‘versatile storage pieces that can travel through different rooms of the house’. The four pieces are available in many colour combinations, and are weaved by Ames’ partner workshops in Bogata, with the traditional Momposino weaving method. These elegant tables and baskets can be further complimented by a Dichas Hanging Planter, continuing the motif of playful colour.

Ames Macranta


Macranta Wall Decoration

A highlight of the collection is Cristina Celestino’s Macranta Wall Decoration. Inspired by the Coryanthes Macranta, Colombia’s largest orchid, the decorations are handmade by craftswomen in Atlantico, only the traditional technique of needles to weave, knot and braid the intricate details. The flowers are a metre by a metre, creating an eye-catching piece bringing nature indoors.


ames choco vases©amesgmbh 10Choco and Sunchos

The collection also presents smaller storage accessories, designed by French deigner Pauline Deltour. Choco are colourful vases made from palm fibres and mouth blown glass, created 2400 metres above sea level in a region of the Andes. The Boyacá region has a long tradition of transforming Fique plan fibres into charming objects, a tradition continued through Ames with these vases.  The Sunchos are a series of baskets, trays and boxes, inspired in pattern by the local shopping bags used by Colombians in the markets of Bogota. Created in the capital’s workshops, the storage baskets are made from a recycled polypropylene, making them ideal for both inside and outside storage.

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