Lladró’s Latest Collection of ‘Awesome Insects’

For over sixty years, Lladró have used their unmatched expertise with porcelain to create exceptional pieces from their Valencian workshop. Their latest collection, Awesome Insects, explores the intimate connection between humanity, nature, and insects. As the foundation of our earth’s ecosystems, the power of insects, both environmental and symbolic, are captured by Lladró with spectacular craftsmanship.


The insects, which were originally created with lustrous colourful glosses, will now also be available in a pure matte white, set against modern graphite metal detailing. The clarity of the white allows the observer to revel in the material itself, exposing the details and shadows of the porcelain.

The figurines include a grasshopper, a dragonfly, and two types of beetles, with each insect carrying its own symbolic significance. The grasshoppers, which represent fortune and prosperity, are finished in a shaded deep turquoise gloss, with delicately crafted metal details.

Contrasting this gloss, choosing the newly availably strong white finish of the Rhinoceros and Hercules beetles outlines the details of Lladró’s handcrafted process; one of the things which makes the brand so iconic. Symbolising connection with the earth and genuine truth respectively, the graphic grey of the metal details against the white creates a striking, eye-catching piece.

The collection also includes dragonflies, the totem of knowledge and understanding, whose have delicate metal wings balancing on their clean white thorax. While the figurines can simply be placed on any surface, they each additionally come with fittings to be hung on walls.

The figurines are available worldwide, in Lladró stores and at www.lladro.com