La Faïencerie de Charolles; Heritage and Savoir-Faire in their Latest Collection of ‘Deep Botanics’

'Aventurine' and 'Jaspe' TANDEM Table
‘Aventurine’ and ‘Jaspe’ TANDEM Table
TANDEM and PALLAS Vases in 'Soladite'
TANDEM and PALLAS Vases in ‘Soladite’

«French made pieces, made near us, by hand, by humans who earned all the subtleties of their craft from their predecessors»

Against the mass production of fast-fashion trends, La Faïencerie de Charolles protects heritage and savoir-faire to create lasting pieces ‘perfectly mixing history and modernity’. In 2016, the company was recognized as an Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant, attesting to the company’s manufacturing excellence and the value of a production line ‘Made in France’. 

Today, through the creative vision of their artistic director Aurélie Richard, La Faïencerie de Charolles continues to marry contemporary design with traditional practices. The latest collection of ‘Deep Botanics’ sees bright, invigorating colours, coupled with  both historic and original moulds. The collection explores three chromatic moods; the deep indigo of Soladite, the water green of Aventurine and the verdant sage of Jaspe. Through these moods, the speckled colours fit into the current trends in interior design while honouring the handmade processes of La Faïencerie de Charolles.

Established in 1844 in the heart of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region, the brand prides itself on ‘French made pieces, made near us, by hand, by humans, and not machines, who earned all the subtleties of their craft from their predecessors’. The creative process begins with drawings and quotes from the designers being translated into handmade moulds, which are then filled with the local raw material of kaolin clay. The clay, first discovered in the region near Limousin in 1768, is still La Faïencerie’s chosen material, testifying their commitment to local resources.

The traditional process
The traditional making process

The collection comes in a selection of small furniture, contemporary art objects and ceramic productions. The speckled colourways are placed onto longstanding designs such as their Tandem tables, Pallas vases as well and Bonetti side tables. Richard dresses these historical pieces as new creations of bright and rejuvenating colors, bringing inspiration and joie de vivre to ordinary spaces. 

Her ability to marry tradition and modernity has been described as ‘suspending time’. While recent technological advancements having created a consumer base hungry for more, hungry for new, through Richard’s leadership La Faïencerie protects heritage and promotes appreciation for quality, while showcasing contemporary designs in keeping with modern tastes.

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