Carolina Bucci: London’s Lesson in Florentine Artisanship

Carolina Bucci
Carolina Bucci

Within the hustle of goldsmiths and workshops around the infamous Pont Vecchio, Carolina Bucci’s fine jewellery workshop sits in its time-honoured position. As a fourth-generation jewellery designer, Bucci is well seasoned in traditional techniques and craftmanship, creating unique pieces that combine Florentine artisanship with a modern sensibility. Her colourful renewal of the Bucci’s family heritage, dating back to 1885 when her great grand-father, Ferdinando, began making pocket watch chains for his clients’ timepieces, is inspired by the designer’s own life and travels, establishing the brand’s flagship store in Knightsbridge, London. The British base showcases the rich Florentine history of jewellery, while allowing for modern inspiration on a global scale and an expansion of the craft. 

Despite the modernity of many pieces, Bucci remains eternally loyal to the Italian craftmanship that shaped her understanding of jewellery. Using the same Florentine workshop, Carolina is able to preserve the intimate connection between Creative and Creator, honouring the artisans and their techniques. For example, her first collection, ‘Woven’ was created using a centuries-old textiles loom, adapted to weave gold and silk threads.

Carolina Bucci
Florentine Finish 1885 Links Necklace

Another testament to traditional techniques is a staple found throughout the collections; her iconic “Florentine Finish”. Paying homage to the traditional techniques of her hometown, the gold is beaten by hand with a diamond-tipped tool in order to create permanent faceted indentations in the metal, giving it a natural sparkly finish.

“I discovered the traditional Florentine Finish on many pieces in our archives. It made so much sense to me to have this part of the modern collections; after all, our jewellery is still made in my family’s workshops in Florence and the city, and its traditions are very special to me”

Carolina Bucci
Necklace from the ‘Woven’ Collection

This Florentine Finish is often found in the designer’s collaborations, such as the ongoing partnership with Swiss watchmaker Audemars Piguet. In 2016, the reimagination of the iconic Royal Oak ladies watch saw it become as much an item of jewellery as it is a perfectly crafted timepiece, while maintaining the fine balance between innovation and effortless elegance. In 2020, Bucci launched K.I.S.S, a jewellery collection inspired by the inner workings of an Audemars Piguet watch, specifically the balance spring. The collection, which will also be sold by Carolina Bucci and Net A Porter, will be shown at the Audemars Piguet showroom- the first time the brand has showcased jewellery from another designer.

Alongside craftmanship, Bucci’s personality and modernity is another striking feature of her designs. The ‘Forte Beads’ collection allows you to construct, and reconstruct, your mood and your day through a selection of colourful, precious stone, beads. The rainbow spectrum of choice is hand chosen by Carolina, as well as 18K gold beads in pink, yellow, white, and black. For further personalisation, you can also add a Florentine Finish Gold initial.

Carolina Bucci is sold at their flagship store in Knightsbridge, as well as at selected suppliers including Bergdorf Goodman, Net A Porter, Luisa Via Roma and Moda Operandi. Find out more at